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True Pure Titanium One Aerospace materials
It is made of pure titanium for aviation, which has strong corrosion resistance. It adopts IP electroplating, which is firm and does not fade, rust, and prevents skin sensitivity.
Anti Corrosion
Skin Friendly
Lightweight aspheric lens to see the beautiful world
Passed the national authority inspection
Anti-blue light
TV, PAD, mobile phone, computer
What is Blu-ray
High-energy blue light refers to the powerful energy in visible light,Blue light (380-495 nm) that can be incident on the retina of the eye
Impaired vision
Disrupt the biological clock
Digital Asthenopia
Online opticianship process
1. Choose lenses
According to the degree of your eyes Choose the lens that suits your refractive index
2. Choose the frame
Multiple material frame type for you to choose
3. Optometry data
Provide formal optometry institutions Prescription
4. Lens processing
Process the selected lens
5. Choose the frame
Transport baby after tightly packed
6. Confirm receipt
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How to measure interpupillary distance
Interpupillary distance-the distance between the pupils of the two eyes on the same side when looking up
From this we know that the interpupillary distance is 50mm
Two eyes [horizontal vision] are far away, and another person uses a ruler to measure the distance between the two eyes [pupillary side].
The measured value is the interpupillary distance.
In order to get more accurate data, please take the average of 5~10 measurements and submit it as the final interpupillary distance data
Authoritative Testing
Data detection is effective, rest assured and safe to wear
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